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Tổng hợp kho game mobile mới nhất hiện nay, với số lượng game mobile phong phú, hấp dẫn nhất tại việt nam, các bạn có thể tải game mobile miễn phí tại đây.
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The 3G unlimited package size Mobiphone

  Mobifone outside of 3G packages are also cheap high-capacity package and cac goi 3g mobifone khong gioi han perfect. The advantage of 3G packages Mobiphone not limited to the use of all free space is used to lower speed 3G at no charge. Details invite you to view information in the following article offline.
Unlimited 3G packages include packages of Mobiphone Miu, Miu M120 and Big. For Fast Connect package for USB 3G then FCU70, FCU120 and FCU200.
Các gói cước 3G Mobifone không giới hạn
Registration packets unlimited 3G Mobiphone
Just compose MO <package-name-identity> 9084 posts (Postage free sms to 9084), then the system will automatically register and send notices to you.
For example, you want to register package is prepared MO Miu MIU 9084 or send detailed instructions on how to register 3G details here.
The 3G packages Mobiphone not limited to the following:
Package rates Miu 600MB capacity 70,000
Package rates 1.5Gb capacity M120 120,000
Package rates BMIU capacity 3Gb 200.000
Pack Fast Connect FCU70 600MB storage charges 70,000
Pack Fast Connect FCU120 rate 1.5Gb capacity 120,000
Pack Fast Connect FCU200 3GB storage charges 200.000
Depending on your needs you choose to use the 3G Mobiphone package accordingly. Registration cost is 3G Mobiphone unlimited package, so you will not waste charges incurred during use, so you can rest assured that use 3G and offline.
I wish you a successful registration Mobiphone 3G packages.

dich vu 3g mobifone